Restore law and order

The news of thefts and harassment caused to the commoners has almost become routine. The criminal activities are on the rise, especially in the Valley and the people are worried about their personal safety and security. Total lawlessness seems to have become the order of the day with police personnel unable to bring the situation under control. The law and order situation should soon be restored to bring some discipline. Now the new government must ensure this.

Deepak Thapa, via e-mail

Child abuse

As we rejoice over the victory of the Jana Andolan, we would like to draw the

attention of the government and social workers towards the plight of those children injured during the demonstrations. According to the CWIN, around 182 children were injured in the Valley alone. But how are they going to be compensated or rehabilitated?

In the first place, it was criminal to involve kids in the protest rallies, majority of whom were street children. It is unfortunate that instead of sending them to schools, they are being forced into violent movements. Abuse of children in such a manner has to be stopped.

Kriti, Kripa, Prerana, Shruti and Shubha, Kadambari Memorial CollegeUnworthy

The composition of the Maoist negotiation team is disappointing as it reflects their callous attitude towards the whole process. It is hard to visualise successful conclusions from this team.

Rajeeb Satyal, via e-mail

Safety policy

How could the school authorities allow the tempo to carry 25 children when the full capacity of the vehicle was only 12 persons? The PABSON should design a safety policy, wherein schools will have to invest in a proper transportation system. Those schools not following safety measures should be fined heavily. We see a lot of over-crowded school buses plying in Kathmandu. When the schools charge high fees, they should also ensure the safety of their pupils.

Anugraha Poudel, via e-mail

Futile debate

The media had quoted senior politician Pradeep Giri as saying that the parliament was not revived under Article 127. If it was not so, then under which Article of the Constitution did the King revive the House? It is believed that the King invoked Article 127 to revive the House in the same manner he had used that Article to dissolve an elected government. I think this is very logical.

It is futile to argue under which Article the parliament was revived. Since the House is fully functioning now, the MPs should work towards settling all socio-economic and political disputes.

P C Dubey, via e-mail

Change it

If Nepal were to remain the ‘only Hindu Kingdom’ in the world, the social malaise

facing it would continue to haunt the country. The real benefits of the economic

development would not reach the downtrodden. The seven-party alliance should in no way compromise on the issue of transforming Nepal into a secular state, as they did in 1990.

Pegha, UK, via e-mail