NT’s mobile service:

This refers to Rakesh Wadhawa’s write-up titled “Telecom: Open it up “ (THT, March 27)regarding letting private companies offer mobile services in the country. A few weeks back, I experienced call drop in the lift of a Singapore hotel in the middle of mobile conversation. The mobile-owner, a friend of mine, explained that as he has subscribed to a private mobile company, the service is not as good as that of Singapore Telecom, the state-owned company there. The Nepal Telecom is doing its best to enhance the quality of its services, including the mobile service used mostly by the urbanites. We are also catering to the demand of the vast rural population but with limited resources. Because of inherent technical and economic factors, quality of service in cellular mobile system could be improved only in a phase-wise manner and it has to be a continuous affair until it becomes as perfect as in big cities of the developed world.

Sugat R Kansakar, MD, Nepal Telecom


Home minister Kamal Thapa is trying to be the mouthpiece of the palace these days. He is threatening the political parties and asking them to call off their strike. He crossed all limits by saying no to the political parties’ demand for the restoration of the Lower House. He is a handpicked minister and has no right to talk about this issue at all. His irresponsible words might be the reason for the downfall of the present regime.

Anish Pyakurel, via e-mail


It seems that police harassment continues unabated. Recently I was stopped at Chabahil Chowk for checking. The policeman on duty was taking his own time to check my licence, which had no fault. He was then joined by another policeman who, after taking a closer look at the licence several times, started asking useless questions. Are these policemen meant for public security or for harassing the public? This is especially true in case of girls at night, who are stopped and teased by policemen. Strict action should be taken against those policemen who harass people for no reason whatsoever.

Shristi Nakarmi, via e-mail

Poor show:

The recent match between Nepal and Namibia that ended in a draw has drowned all hopes of Nepal qualifying for the non-Test playing nations’ tournament. Besides the rain, the cause of this tragedy was the weak performance of the players, especially those batting. If the country is to make any progress in cricket, the Cricket Association of Nepal should choose good players from all corners of the country.

Rahul Gupta, Kapilvastu

Preserve it:

Mithila culture has its own unique traditional value. Its art, designs and costumes are artistic. Maithili language is the local dialect of the Maithilis. The art of Mithila is reflected in the famous Janaki temple at Janakpurdham, which is also a World Heritage Site. But it is unfortunate to find that many Maithili people have forgotten their native tongue. This beautiful culture should be preserved and the state should give recognition to Maithili language.

Bibek Jha, Malangwa