Religious intolerance:

On the eve of Mahashivaratri, while I was on my way from Koteswor to Gaushala to visit the Pashupatinath temple I found some Christian missionaries distributing some booklets containing and extolling the preachings of Jesus. They urged people to accept Jesus only. Such booklets were distributed to thousands of devotees. Actually this is an insult to Hinduism and an attempt to disturb the religious tolerance for which Nepal is well known. Christian missionaries are often found to be distributing booklets in streets, bus parks, and at other places. During normal times the activities of the missionaries, whose main motive is to spread Christianity, may not be as objectionable as on the auspicious eve of one of the greatest Hindu festivals. Why should they preach Christianity to the Hindu crowds, that too, near the premises of the Pashupatinath temple. This shows their true intention, especially when they choose our festival to spread their religion. This is religious expansionism, which will breed disharmony. This must be stopped.

Nishesh Singh, via e-mail


For decades big powers have tried to use Nepal and its leaders. Had they been thoughtful about our sovereignty, neither the King nor the political leaders would have acted so unwisely. After reading US ambassador James F Moriarty’s remarks in the media, one gets the impression that the US is not interested in restoring peace in Nepal through dialogue and democracy. It seems interested in prolonging the conflict. Definitely, the world has become a global village but it would not be sane to open an umbrella here when it rains in New Delhi or Washington. It is high time we stopped this tendency and rose above our petty interests to resolve our problems.

Eak Prasad Duwadi, Dhading


Government hospitals in general, right from the ticket counter to the doctor’s cabin, are being grossly mismanaged. Interns who have no authority to write prescriptions do so, probably for lack of certified doctors. The chemists substitute drugs, which give them more profit. It is interesting to note that some drug companies supply drugs with 20-200 per cent extra bonuses. The Department of Drug Administration’s silence is encouraging this practice. Who will be responsible if a patient suffers? In European countries patients can sue doctors for the adverse impact they suffer because of the doctors’ negligence. But in Nepal everyone can escape with impunity.

Jeetendra Vaidya, Hyumat Tole, Kathmandu


Is it a coincidence that US ambassador Moriarty recently warned the seven agitating parties against the 12-point agreement with the Maoists when the chief of army staff said that the RNA is heading towards a victory? In one of the newspapers I had read that “others argue that Moriarty has a close elationship with the royal family”. Does he also believe that the RNA can win this civil war? And does this mean resumption of arms supply? Since the royal takeover, the situation has worsened. Everybody should act wisely.

Yubaraj Rai, via e-mail