Efficiency and cost

This refers to Rakesh Wadhwa’s write-up titled “Who protects us from monopolies?” published in THT on February 13. His write-ups are usually very interesting. It is clear that he is an ardent champion of free market economy. The market situation is changing and a greater share of it is being shifted to the private sector, thereby creating more competition.

Competition is good as consumers can benefit from cheaper goods. But as competition grows fiercer, all firms can’t sustain it as it results in mergers and acquisitions. The concept ‘big is beautiful’ is slowly catching up. But being big does not necessarily enable companies to give better and efficient service at cheaper cost.

Many giant companies have fallen flat because of this. However, there are big companies like Microsoft that manufacture products efficiently and provide them at cheaper prices to the

consumers. So the question is not of size or monopoly, it is rather of who can produce goods and services efficiently and at a low cost.

The acquisition of Air Sahara by Jet Airways amounts to $510 million, and Wadhwa is right, but he did not give an accurate market share rate of the latter.

According to the recent issue of Business Today, a 37 per cent share of the total

Indian aviation market is with the Jet; not 33 per cent as Wadhwa wrote.

Nirab Dhungana,

Shanker Dev Campus

Initiate talks

Dr Tulsi Giri’s justification of the killings by the army and his comment that bloodshed would continue are not only alarming but at odds with the King’s intentions in his recent address. His

denial that official orders had been given in support of atrocities is untrue, as Home Minister Kamal Thapa’s directives reveal.

Furthermore, Shrish Shumsher Rana’s declared intention of muzzling and punishing the media does not square with the King’s claims that democratic norms are being respected and the rights situation is improving.

Our nation is rapidly descending into a totalitarian military dictatorship. The US, Britain and India, which long stoked the fires of undemocratic government, have a moral responsibility to take a decisive action to uphold justice, the rule of law and human rights in Nepal. If the King’s intention is really to restore peace and democracy, he should fire hardliners like Dr Giri and begin a constructive dialogue with the parties.

Rajan Neupane, Patan

Lost heroes

The recent killing of a CPN-UML cadre in Dang by the security forces is condemnable. There has been an uproar over it. However, it is unfortunate that the Maoists too had killed CPN-UML workers in the past.

Sunita Aryal, via e-mail


It seems that foreign governments, which deplored the municipal polls, do not understand the real circumstances under which the Nepalis went to the polls.

The Maoists and the agitating parties were violently protesting and intimidating those who wanted to vote. There was a week-long bandh followed by attacks in Palpa, Panauti and at the Thankot police post. Despite threats, people showed courage and went to vote.

Gayatri Pradhan, Naxal