People want peace:

Nepal was once considered a land of peace. But for the last 10 years, the country has been suffering from the ongoing war between the Maoists and the security forces. The blood bath must stop before the country is ruined. People want peace. But if they are committed to peace-building, they should wake up and fight against all kinds of odds facing the nation.

Abhinaya Shah, Baneswor

Help others:

I was shocked to learn that most Nepali students have never been involved in community service. The latest trend in the US is that it requires 20 community service hours to pass grade 12. Community service makes us more aware of our surroundings, gives practical experience and enables us to help others. I suggest 10+2 campuses throughout Nepal should adopt this system.

Emma West, USA

Border woes:

Recently there was some problem on Nepal’s border in Nawalparasi. But this is not the first time that we have heard of such news. Since Nepal has a porous border, the government must formulate an effective border policy. It is also sad that people living in the border areas of Nepal have to leave their villages at night for fear of being looted or killed by the Maoist rebels. They are being forced to do this which is a violation of their right to live. The leaders who are protesting on the streets every day should give a serious thought to it.

Deepesh Raj Rimal, Old Baneswor

Care for them:

On one of my visits to the Pashupatinath temple I came across many old, handicapped and disabled people begging. Most of them live under unhygienic conditions and sleep on the footpaths. They are helpless, vulnerable to diseases and are left uncared for. The incident reminded me of the lack of provisions for the elderly in our country. The authorities should pay immediate attention to their miserable plight. They should be loved and cared for by their kin and the government should make appropriate policies to help them.

Niranjan Khatiwada, Battisputali


Many Nepali youths these days behave more like hooligans than pupils. Students should concentrate on studies and refrain from vandalising public property. I think the state should take serious action against destructive kinds of student demonstration. The authorities concerned must bring the guilty students to book for obstructing the daily lives of the general public.

Karma Thinley Sherpa, via e-mail


It is good that The Himalayan Times has been catering to a variety of readers. It has write-ups on all sorts of issues like positive living, education, health, business, job opportunities. These are important issues connected to people’s everyday life. The Himalayan Times should keep up the good work and continue to give importance to issues that conern the public.

Prakash Bhandari, via e-mail