Real face exposed:

The article ‘Bhutanese refugee crisis’ by Dondup Wangchuck (THT, August 30) exposed the Bhutanese polity. His assertion that the draft of the Bhutanese constitution has ignored the multi-ethnic culture is not surprising. The Bhutanese textbooks and publications have hardly included anything about the districts inhabited by the Lhotsampas and their culture. It is therefore logical to doubt whether these districts and the people are of any concern to Bhutan. Next, we should thank the Bhutanese king for his honesty because whatever the number of representations, there would not be any change in the pre-prepared draft. As usual, the committee is a traditional rubber stamp and a ceremonial showcase. The international community should pay attention to the fact that the regime has become a threat to the harmonious existence of the other ethnic groups. Some light should also have been thrown on the riddle whether India had been informed about the Bhutanese plans beforehand.

Yadu Nepal, Kathmandu


Educating the citizens is one of the best ways of solving Nepal’s problems in the long run. This will also help individuals to succeed in their personal lives. Thanks to the government for providing the chance to the students of Karnali zone to study for free. However, the authorities must realise that there are many other remote areas in the country where people are not aware of the advantages of education. This opportunity should be extended to all other backward regions as well. I don’t think there is any other way in which the major problems of the country can be resolved in the long run than by spreading education and awareness. Besides, without spreading education, no country can develop.

Anupam Ghimire, Nepal Commerce Campus, Minbhawan

Same article:

I was confused to see the Midway article ‘Patient Papers’ by Swagat Raj Pandey published in The Kathmandu Post on August 30. Did the writer himself give the article to two newspapers or did the other daily choose to publish it despite the fact that it had already appeared elsewhere?

Vibek Manandhar, Siddhartha Vanasthali


At present, the main concern of those at the helm is to restore peace. It is only we, the Nepali people, who can solve our problems. Instead of discussing our problems with foreign diplomats, we should try to resolve them internally. So please stop talking about foreign

mediation and let’s reach a consensus and settle the issue ourselves.

Abhu Karki, via e-mail

Give more:

THT comes out with a good outlook, both in the front and last pages. But the inside pages do not attract the youth. The articles published in the inside pages are not expected of a prestigious newspaper like yours. Even business pages have nothing much to offer. There are a number of products and new technologies which are being introduced in the market. But it is unfortunate that your daily is not giving space to such events.

Dinesh Bhattarai, Old Baneshwor