Address refugee crisis

Thousands of refugees have been languishing in eastern Nepal over a decade. It is

unfortunate that the human rights bodies and other agencies concerned have not been able to do much for this helpless lot. Even after holding many meetings, the governments of Bhutan and Nepal have not reached any understanding whereas the living condition of the refugees is deteriorating by the day. Thimphu is still prolonging the repatriation process and Nepal’s efforts have all gone in vain. Nepal needs to have a proper workable policy towards the refugee crisis. How can Nepal take care of the refugees when it cannot even look after its own poor citizens?

The recent issue of third country resettlement has now added more confusion to the whole process. It is high time Nepal used all possible means, including international forums, to

ensure that the refugees are allowed to go back in dignity and without any fear.

Sumit Tamang, Beldangi


This is in reference to the news “Conflict has claimed 56 kids so far this year, says study” published in THT on July 3. I was shocked to read that 56 children have been killed so far because of the insurgency. Children are supposed to be the future of a nation. Killing of innocent children is a crime against humanity. The on-going war between the Maoist rebels and the security forces has taken many innocent lives, including women and children. They should stop careless actions at once, adhering to internationally accepted norms. Taking lives of innocent civilians is an inexcusable mistake.

Jeevan Karki, Kirtipur

Price hike

I am a regular reader of your newspaper and I appreciate the work THT has been doing. Occasionally your newspaper misses important news. The recent hike in the price of gas

cylinders did not receive due priority. The media should also focus on the social issues

affecting the lives of the commoners rather than only covering political issues. Price rise is something that affects all common people, who are already sick and tired of the ever increasing cost of daily consumer items. It is the government’s responsibility to check price hikes. What are the bodies like Consumers Forum doing these days?

M Shrestha, Churchill Complex

Spare Everest

It is with utmost disbelief and repugnance that we watched the landing of the Eurocoptor on top of Everest last month. Everyone knows that the top of Everest is barely a metre square with extremely harsh climatic conditions. What will happen when a giant vehicle like the Eurocoptor lands on such a vulnerable spot for almost four minutes?

Everest is one of the few things Nepal can be proud of. It is wrong from any point of view even to think of performing such a shameful act, let alone do it. Since the Eurocoptor Company is responsible for performing this ‘cruel’ act just for its commercial interests, it should be legally punished and made to apologise to the Nepalis. The bigger question is on what grounds did the government officials give it the permission to enter Nepal to perform such an act?

K Shrestha, via e-mail