Protect greenbelts

Last month, the Nepali media focused much on environmental conservation. It raised issues concerning the cutting of trees along the main roads and the greenbelt areas in Kathmandu. It published impressive articles by analysing the deforestation and its consequences.

Moreover, the so-called elites celebrated the World Environment Day on June 5 by conducting workshops and seminars. They did not think it would help if they would go and plant trees outside instead of debating in five star hotels.

The greenbelt areas of the city are encroached upon and turned into places for motor garages, parking vehicles, construction materials stock centres and for building toilets. By doing this, we are being irresponsible to the younger generation.

It is important that the municipal authorities should start clearing areas of such encroachments and plant more trees, flowers and shrubs.

Bijaya Paudyal, via e-mail

True picture

The Midway article “Eyes of the beholder” by Tara Bhatta published on June 13 was an impressive write-up. In the past, there has been Midway articles written about

emotions and relationships, but Bhatta gave a clear picture of beauty in simplistic terms.

The three supreme beauties that he talked about and the impact of each on our lives seem logical. Though I might not be able to comprehend in totality the beauty of women written from a male’s point of view, I fully appreciate the way the writer has presented the glory of

Nature and the beauty of an innocent child.

I also agree with his argument that a woman’s love inspires many people, and I am satisfied with his conclusion about why you love the beauty of Nature and your babies.

Also, a previous article “Relativity” by the same writer, published some time back, was a perfect combination of an incredible whim and intellect. Such write-ups add to the beauty of the Midway column.

Kriti Khadka, via e-mail

Sign it

It is sad that most industrialised countries of the world, particularly the US, are reluctant to sign the crucial Kyoto Protocol. Though the US is one of the countries to produce

maximum level of dangerous greenhouse gases, the Bush administration is ignoring the Protocol. It is ironic that though the US claims to be the guardian of the world, it is washing its hands of its global responsibility.

Kyoto Protocol is the only treaty that will help reduce gas emissions. It is not important not only for the developing countries but for the world environment. The US has some of the world’s largest oil companies. So, President Bush should understand the gravity of the matter and sign it immediately.

Annal Dhungana,

via e-mail


I am a regular reader of THT and I like the Variety section in particular, as it usually has interesting articles. However, it is sad that you give preference to Hollywood news. It

would be better to include TV news as well. I think TV serial gossip is attracting

the interest of a growing number of people.

Kashish Sharma, Dallu