Schools zone of peace

The article “Closure of schools” by Mana P Wagely published in THT on May 25 deserves support that educational institutions are zone of peace and also zone of no politics. Leaders of every creed are trying to make the sector a political playground leading to instability. Nepal’s quality of education has a lot of room for improvement and closure does not help the schools in any way.

Students have been displaced and schools closed down due to strikes. The leaders themselves have been violating the students’ right to education. The unions too have not helped in this regard. They are too easily influenced by political leaders.

Meanwhile, it is the impoverished that suffer the most. What will happen to their future? Students from wealthy background could afford to go out. So who will work for the school’s


Arjun P Bhandari, Chitwan, Chowkbazar

Avoid trivia

I am an avid reader of THT and I hardly afford to miss any article in the middle page. Last couples of Midway articles have been jaded and lacklustre in terms of content and crux. Those articles easily dishearten the ardent readers who browse the Midway column with much anticipation. Being one of the noteworthy newspapers, THT should avoid such articles which cultivate the trivial substances, for instance, personal aversion to yoghurt, things one does in one’s childhood etc.

I think no one can afford his time to go through someone’s personal account of likes or dislikes or what one does at his/her grandma’s home. Nevertheless, I recollect here that many articles in the Midway column are equally interesting and intellectually stimulating.

Such articles are up to the mark in catering to the interest of many readers. The gravity and hub of the article should be weighed to give place in the Midway column to preserve the

purpose of this column.

Finally I hope not to see the hackneyed content in the Midway column so that many fervent readers are still riveted to go through it.

Raman Thapa, Lazimpat


The letter titled “Right abuse” by Gyan Manandhar published in THT in May 20 was not agreeable, at least not for me. He seems to oppose the notice issued by Supreme Court regarding the rights of the Kumari. Not all the traditions and practices are always correct and worthwhile to be followed. I don’t mean to say that the worshipping of a girl as a Kumari is bad, but at the same time she must be provided with all sorts of rights as those enjoyed by rest of the humans.

Access to education, marriage, independent life, to name a few, are indispensable for a human being. And she has to live with those deficiencies rest of her life. Obviously, there are millions of Nepali children deprived of several rights living in difficult settings. And it is the need of the hour to pay the maximum attention to those kids too. But that does not mean one can overlook the Kumari’s rights.

Nonetheless, I was pleased by the concern that a foreigner has shown towards Nepal. David Irwin in “Too late for the trees”

expresses his opinion, in a very sensible and relevant manner with regard to cutting down of trees in Kathmandu. It was definitely not a worthy thing to do.

Nibha Vaidya, via e-mail