LETTERS: Conserve environment

The World Environment Day was observed in Nepal by organizing various programmes on Tuesday, June 5. It is observed every year by the government, I/NGOs, schools and other concerned organizations putting up different slogans “School students observe Environment Day” (THT, June 6, Page 2). However, it seems that not much has been done from the government and other stakeholders looking at the degrading environmental condition. Most of the forests have been deforested causing massive landslides and flooding in the lowlands destroying farming lands and resulting in human casualties. The concept of community forestry programme started in late 90s was one of the most effective efforts of the government with the involvement of user groups. It was a pioneer concept in the forestry sector “Conserve for future, says president” (THT, June 6, Page 2). Some of the donor organizations had wholeheartedly supported this concept. However, because of the lack of political commitment and frequent changes in government and its flexible policy, this noble effort started losing its momentum. As a result, most of the community forests have started disappearing due to bad management and indiscipline. The recent local level elections have tremendously remained successful in electing people’s representatives with extraordinary authorities to run their offices. Likewise, the upcoming second phase elections will also bring more people’s representatives. They will be responsible to conserve forests and local environment involving the local communities. More awareness campaigns regarding environment conservation are needed to be implemented. Water resource management and forest conservation programmes should be revived in order to improve the quality of local environment. Personal hygiene and sanitation programme should also be massively launched in the rural areas. Otherwise, celebrating World Environment Day once a year makes no sense.

Rai Biren Bangdel, Maharajgunj

Prank on SRK

The Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan was under great consternation when an Egyptian comedian Ramez Galal pranked him on his show. What was so sophisticated art was for the whole orchestra to plunge a car in a quicksand in the desert of Dubai in order to make the prank so natural and sensational. The comedian put the Komodo’s costume and homed in on the nearby Khan where he had nothing other than sand to defend himself. However after a minute or so long standoff between Khan and pseudo-Komodo, the comedian took his camouflage off and yelled out, then Khan became unruly and went on to reprimand the comedian at an unprecedented level. I actually don’t think it is a good idea

to stage a prank of nerve-racking sorts. To prank on someone in a scary manner is totally bad from the health point of view. What would have happened if the lady next to Khan had got a heart attack and died on the spot.

Shiva Neupane, Melbourne