LETTERS: Imprisonment for corrupt

Why don’t we develop such a culture when the word ‘bribery’ is heard then the goose bumps are erected where the name, fame and practice of corruption is life imprisonment. The corrupt merely pay some figured amount in bail and are released. Corruption is a chord of vicious circle having multiple length and varying direction, and its treatment should be done at the level of diameter whose length is always equal no matter in which part of circumference it touches. With the malaria of top cop being hooked not evaporated, other top officials are following suit and followers are sought-after.Our political demagogues, arbitrary chieftains and vision-crisis leaders are acting otherwise by threatening to bring impeachment motion against the CIAA Chief. I moot you to visit once the annual findings of Transparency International, HDI, FIFA ranking and the like and ask questions yourself about your presence and performance in the government.

Jay Bahadur Shah, Jajarkot      


This has reference to the news story “Madhes agitation may upset academic calendar” (THT, Dec. 25, Page 2). As we all know that education is the fundamental right of every citizen. Sadly, due to the continuous hindrance of Tarai-based movement political parties have been playing their games with the innocent children. Due to this millions of students are deprived of educations in the Tarai districts. A recently published report says that there are chances that students may drop-out if the situation does not improve within a couple of days. The drop-out students will find it very difficult to resume classes once they do so. It is therefore urgent that the agitating parties let the educational institutions continue with their studies even during the agitation. Otherwise the agitating parties will be doing injustice to their own community.

Saroj Wagle, Kathmandu


It has rightly been suggested that it is now time for the government to respond with a greater sense of urgency and on the other hand the agitating parties must show political maturity by accepting the roadmap brought forward by the government in order to ensure peace, stability and prosperity, -- editorial “Uphill task” and “Roadmap for peace” (THT, Dec. 22 and 23, Page 6)..Everything in Nepal narrows down to the necessity of removing the blockade at Nepal-India border points and resumption of supply of essential commodities. The people of Nepal have had hard times suffering from everything for months now.

Several steps taken so far by the newly elected government have proved to be futile and the sufferings of people continue all over the country. The educational institutions have been facing forced closer, and the industrial corridor of the nation that dominates in the plains has come to a halt. Over 55 innocent people including police personnel have lost their lives.

Uday Bindu Sharma, India