LETTERS: Irresponsible statement

Recently, the government has brought out statute implementation plan with the details of the exact date and months.

If everything goes well, this work plan looks splendid in terms of its successful implementation. However, it did not appear that the government had done enough homework before bringing out the plan.

Local level election, which is the backbone of ground level democratic process, has not been done for the last 18 years. What a pity it is to see that the so-called major parties, who claim to be the champion of democracy, had completely failed to hold it! All the development budgets allocated for the local level development have been grossly misused due to the lack of proper governing bodies.

On the other hand, it did not suit Prachanda publicly saying that the statute implementation plan formulated by the government cannot be implemented as reported in “Statute implementation plan will fail” (THT, June 28, Page 5).

His party is one of the major coalition partners in the Oli-led government. Is it right for him to criticize the government when his party is also accountable to the people? Is this not his job also to suggest and advise his ministers to do the proper homework before the government makes anything public?

It is crystal clear for the common people that unless the government sorted out the outstanding political and constitutional issues with the Sanghiya Gathbandan, the local level election cannot be held and accordingly the new statute cannot be implemented.

Similarly, unless the government brings NC aboard, its statue implementation plan cannot be executed. Is the government not aware of these hurdles? If yes, what was the intention behind bringing out the statue implementation plan?

Time is running fast for the government and the big political parties considering the three tiers of elections are to be held within the stipulated time after the promulgation of new constitution.

Rai Biren Bangdel, Maharajgunj

Flag off

This is material for slapstick comedy “Was Vizag port inaugurated haphazardly?” (THT, June 28, Page 10).

Somlal Subedi on his way home from abroad goes on a surprise visit in the opposite direction to flag off nine private containers at the behest of a trader.

How can this trader ‘mislead’ the chief secretary of the country? Thank God, he ‘misled’ Somlal into flagging off an innocuous cargo, hopefully.

What if he had asked him to press the nuclear button? Somlal’s response to ‘But why did Subedi rush to inaugurate the service?’ is full of large holes.

His haste in waving the flag feigning ignorance of cargo owner and vast groundwork required for putting in place a new trade and transit port for the nation does not wash down the throat.

Nor is his response that he accepted invitation as the port operator evinced interest in inaugurating the service to Nepal credible. How was the invitation received? By phone?

Manohar Shrestha, Kathmandu