LETTERS: Languages and skills

Apropos of the news story “Few students opting for language major at TU” (THT, October 10, Page 2), these languages should be offered to the politicians who fought for 125 different identities and tongues. As for the supreme people, I have observed that young Nepalese would rather speak and ape English language and culture. Even the jyapu children that stay in my house free of cost address their mother and father as mummy and daddy and speak only in the Nepali language, feigning ignorance of the typical Bhaktapure Newari tongue, which even Newars from Kathmandu and Patan look down upon. Talk of national unity! If our policymakers and educationists were not stupid, they would have sent the lone student in the picture to Raxual or Motihari to learn perfect Hindi rather than employing 13 teachers in the Hindi faculty. It is very obvious that the secret behind promotion of indigenous languages is to offer jobs without having to lift a brick to the politicians’ near and dear ones.

And, with reference to your editorial “Facilitate migrants” (THT, October 9, Page 8), what new Nepali people need is language capability in Qatari, Malay, Korean, Saudi, Kuwaiti, Jewish and vocational training relating to labour. So the country’s educational system must focus on languages and labour skills relevant to the countries and jobs. We must start grueling training in brick masonry, carpentry, scaffolding, electricity, dredging, painting etc. Hopefully, by grace of god, if it does not forfeit its right to host the World Cup in 2022, Qatar can still absorb a million more Nepali migrant workers in the coming days, enriching Nepal even further. As for the terrible news of the day regarding the assassination of the FCAN president, such crimes are only bound to increase when parties start welcoming thugs and thieves as their members.

Manohar Shrestha, Kathmandu


I would like to share my professional experience working on activities related to Apple through your renowned columns. These activities had been executed on the Internet during my profession in Hyderabad, India. Steve Jobs was a man of words and deeds. He had the strength of mind. His tireless efforts in making Apple the world’s largest technology company were commendable and such hard work is worthy of emulation by others. As a report analyst, I got an opportunity to analyse articles about Jobs and Apple online. And during the course, I gathered more information on him and his contribution to the growth of Apple. There are no second thoughts about the fact that the iPhone and the iPod are Jobs’ adorable and endearing gifts to the technology world. His appearance during the launch of Apple’s products even amid leave of absence due to his health problems and his sensational words while leaving Apple as CEO were the ample proof of his sincerity and honesty. The year 1976 was memorable because in that year Jobs laid the foundation for Apple along with his high school friend.

P. Senthil Saravana Durai, Mumbai