This is with reference to the news story “Kerala temple blaze kills 100, over 380 injured” (THT, April 11, Page 1). This is really a heart rendering incident where such a large number of people lost their lives while playing with firecrackers which should not have done in such a sacred place visited by thousands of people. This incident can be a lesson for us. Mainly in big Hindu temples like Pashupatinath temple, Dhanshinkali and even in Swayambhunath stupa people light diyos, incense and perform hawan for making God happy. In the name of making God happy, sometimes huge inferno can destroy temples as well as pilgrims too. In fact we have a history that once Pashupatinath temple was destroyed by a huge blaze. At that time many important documents, religious artifacts and ornaments were reduced to a cinder. So while performing any sorts of rituals we need to be careful. Generally, we Hindus believe in firing a lakh of battis and we believe that the more diyos and battis we offer to God, the happier God will be with us. Fireworks and oil-fed lamps must be lit at a safe place. Don’t be over-excited while performing religious rites and rituals. Your tiny mistake can create huge problems such as the incident that happened in Kerala. Each and every action should be done in a safe manner. Otherwise, we might face similar sorts of accidents in our place as well. Often in religious fairs, blaze and runs take people’s lives. The tragic incident at Kerala could have been easily avoided had the concerned authorities prevented the people from playing with firecrackers. Learning a lesson from this incident, the government and the temple management committee should not allow anyone else to light firecrackers inside the temple. Some of the traditions must be abandoned for the sake of safety and security.

Mim Bahadur Pariyar, Kathmandu   

Death penalty

Apropos of the news story, “Dramatic increase in execution in 2015, claims Amnesty” (THT, April 7, Page 7), the reported death execution increased from 573 in 2014 to 1,634 in 2015 worldwide. It is disheartening to know almost an equal number of executions go unreported in China due to the law of state secret. Amnesty International, since its inception, has focused on human rights across the globe and it is praiseworthy that it has raised an alarm bell against the capital punishment.  Has the world become a better place after the execution of Saddam Hussain?  No matter how brutal the crime, people should be given an opportunity for self-realization and repentance and it will help make the world better off. The capital punishment should be abolished from all over the world. But the most advanced orpowerful countries, including China, the USA, most of the countries in the Arab world and India, have given continuation to it. But the AI report reveals that provision of death penalty will not discourage one from committing a crime. Instead, the capital punishment can be converted into life imprisonment.

Narayan Regmi, Syangja