LETTERS: Punish the guilty

Land plotter Lama is the sole culprit as it was his wall that crashed into the school building and killed and maimed school children, “Lawmakers seek action against guilty” (THT, July 4, Page 1).

The school management could not have done anything except beseech Lama not to build a huge wall adjoining its property.

There are several other land plotters like Lama in the capital, some lawmakers and other obnoxious characters, who turn a deaf ear to their neighbours’ pleas and build fortress walls around their money-churning projects.

Even as metropolis and sub-metropolis roar in their cubicles that walls cannot be built without their permission and cannot exceed four feet, high walls are cropping up in Kathmandu. A Newar peasant is building an 8 ft x 24 inch wall adjacent to my mom’s property. Can I make a complaint?

Where? To whom? If that wall crashes into my mom’s house, how can she be faulted? The guys from metropolis and sub-metropolis need to just go around town checking out the southern, eastern and northern walls of Singh Durbar which are higher than 8 feet.

On the other probable eyewash that could embarrass the country and the mountaineering fraternity, the chief protagonist G P Timsina should be grilled to find out the truth, “Ministry of tourism begins probe into Everest goof-up” (THT, July 4, Page 5).

As a liaison officer and beneficiary of thousands of dollars, he monitored and authenticated the Rathods’ ascent to Mt. Everest. Did he actually do that or he just made it up for more benefits?

It does not matter what the trekking company or the climbing Sherpas say as they are not government authorities.

They can, however, be used as evidence against G P Timsina who is the final authority responsible for verifying the Rathods’ claim.

Manohar Shrestha, Kathmandu

Create jobs

Going abroad after completing plus two studies has become a commonplace for most of the students whose aim is to become doctor, engineer, pilot and nurse.

What is driving force of going abroad? Unemployment, low salary back home and high expectations of better life and job opportunity abroad can be the driving force for most of the students completing high school from private boarding schools.

And, others who complete the schools level education from public schools vie for Korea and Japan. And people who are uneducated their last aim is to go to Malaysia and gulf countries for hard work.

The Kabul attack attracted media coverage as 13 Nepali security guards were killed. But there have been several deaths of Nepalis in foreign lands that are the least reported in the media.

Workers getting killed by machines and students committing suicides due to study pressure are hardly reported.

During and after the Maoist insurgency people are migrating abroad and there is not any single household from where a member of the family has not gone abroad either for work or for study.

Pema Sherpa, Boudha