LETTERS: Resolve crisis through talks

It has been more than 100 days that the Madhesis are still in agitation. With all the sectors being destroyed, the nation’s economic sector has suffered a setback. Economic sector consists of industries,

production, service sectors, international trade, etc. During the past three months of fiscal year 2071/72 and the current fiscal year, the nation is suffering from serious troubles.

The Madhes agitation started from Shrawan last week has an overall negative influence on the Nepalese economy due to the India-imposed unofficial blockage in the name of internal strife within Nepal. Nepal has been conducting most of its international trade through transit points provided by India as per the international convention and treaties. During this agitation, more than 80 per cent of the industries in the country have been shut down. There is shortage of consumer goods in the market. The general people are compelled to buy basic necessity goods at higher prices than usual and black marketing is flourishing. We can see long queues of gas, petrol, kerosene, etc. Custom offices have been closed for several months. The recent macro-economic survey of Nepal Rastra Bank also shows the downward slope in economic activities, lesser trade, and rising inflation. Now both Madhesis and the government must sit for talks and resolve the crisis to bail the country out of this blockade.

Nirajan Pudasaini, Via e-mail

Nepali cricket

This is in reference to Sujan Adhikari’s article titled “Journey for Nepali cricket” (THT, Nov. 17, Page 11). The feeling of discontent among the faithful lovers of Nepal cricket is indeed unfortunate. It is true that Nepal has not performed well in recent cricket tours, but this is part of the parcel of the game.

How can they forget the historic wins over South Africa and New Zealand at under-19 level so soon? It must be remembered that while those two countries from the Southern hemisphere possess more than a century-old cricketing legacy, Nepal cricket is taking mere baby steps. Yet the budding Nepali cricketers had managed to beat them in the recent past, which speaks of the supreme talent and cricketing potential of this Himalayan paradise.

Let me enlighten my Nepali brothers and sisters that India had managed its first Test win in 1952 i.e. two decades after its entry in the Test arena! And in the very first World Cup in 1975, India won merely 1 match, that too against the lowly East Africa --- a non-Test team! Again in the 1979 World Cup, India lost all 3 matches including a defeat against Sri Lanka also --- a non-Test team then! But in the 3rd World Cup in 1983, India won the prestigious tournament by vanquishing the mighty, dreaded West Indies in the final. So Nepali cricket lovers should not lose heart and should exercise restraint and patience. Rather they should whole-heartedly encourage their cricketers so that they can fulfill their immense potential and talent. There is no reason why Nepal would not emerge as a strong cricketing nation in Asia within a few years.

Kajal Chaterjee, Kolkata