LETTERS: Saying and doing

Saying and doing are two different things. It used to be and is still heard from the senior leaders of major political parties that until all the forces unite together, implementation of the constitution will remain incomplete.

This is not new to hear from PM Dahal. “All forces must unite for constitution implementation” (THT, November 23, Page 5). The government he has led already completed 100 days in office. No concrete measures have been taken in order to win the hearts of disgruntled parties.

It was read in the paper a few days ago that the government will move forward to amend the constitution even if the there were no consensus with the agitating parties.

On the other hand, Upendra Yadav, convener of the Federal Alliance, has threatened the government saying that if the statute is not amended soon, the government has to face another agitation, “Yadav warns of agitation for statute repeal if it’s not amended” (THT, November 23, Page 5).

If the government let this happen, it will be unfortunate for the country and even for the political parties. This will also delay the implementation process of the new constitution which may invite political uncertainty.

Should the Dahal-led coalition government, which had toppled the Oli led government citing its inability to bring the agitating parties on board, let this happen?

However, it was encouraging to read the news “NC in bid to forge maximum consensus” (THT, November 23, Page 1) at such a time when UML does not seem positive on the issue of demarcation of Pradeshes which is one of the main demands of the Federal Alliance.

Will the NC be able to bring the UML on board for a second amendment to the constitution?

Rai Biren Bangdel, Maharajgunj


This is with reference to the news story “First from Dom community to appear for LL. B. Exam” (THT, November 17, Page 6).

It is said education is the only gateway for mental strength and the liberation of self and the entire community. Dream triggers the people to find their own destination, whatever the age, caste and creed.

The eagerness of freedom of Yatrilal Marik from Dom community has enabled him to become the first student of law (LLB 1st year). One cannot raise a voice against any kind of injustice, domination and segregation until one becomes aware of his rights and responsibilities.

The pursuit of knowledge that Yatrilal has sought is commendable as he will understand the legal system of the country and he will also educate and advocate his community about the discrimination against lower caste people meted out by the legal system.

He deserves appreciation as he comes from the subaltern group left out from the mainstream politics, economics and education.

Neela Adhikari, via e-mail