LETTERS: Stand united for progress

This is with reference to the news story “Parties discuss govt formation” (THT, Oct. 4, Page 1). Gentleman’s agreement in a democracy is hypocrisy, especially when this is unofficially agreed upon as a tool to win plum posts. Rather than focusing on the formation of new government, all major parties should actively unite under the present one to plot economic revolution. What we badly need is economic progress. Now that the country is proud owner of the “best” constitution in the world, all parties need to sit down and plan economic renaissance.

The parties should not miss this golden opportunity to earn a permanent place in history as architects of the economic bloom in a new Nepal. That is surely more desirable than the transient posts of prime minister, president, vice-president and speaker. In any case, the time has come for a member from women, Janjatis, marginalised communities, LGBTs or the disabled to head the next government. We hope the parties will enter into an official gentlemen’s agreement to ensure this and to bolster the economy. The need of the hour is to speed up the development process.

J. Talchabhadell, Bhaktapur


This relates to a story about the upcoming radar being installed at Bhatte-danda essentially being expensive and that it was made by NEC, implying it was an “inferior” brand.  First of all, it is being provided under a “grant” assistance, and it must have been put in writing in detail well before the agreement was signed. If the concerned officials were happy with it then there is no point in racking up the issue now.

Donor-driven projects usually follow such mode of operation. Again, hypothetically, had CAAN gone ahead with the project on its own, then again it would surely have raised questions as to whether the amount was not inflated to facilitate some nefarious designs? It is obviously a double edged sword, either way!

Armugam Ananta, via e-mail


This is with reference to the news story “Bhattarai to form new political force” (THT, Oct 4, Page 3). While addressing a function in Gorkha, former prime minister Baburam Bhattarai, who quit the UCPN-Maoist party soon after the promulgation of the new constitution, said that he was all set to form a new political force or “third force” as he had said for pretty long. But he has not spelt out what would be the ideology of the third force that he would lead. As far as I understand, a new political force comes into force based on the ideology which is manifested in its political organisation. He has not made public whether his party would be based on the leftist ideology or bourgeois one. If his party’s ideology would be based on the leftist ideology it would not be any different from those already in existence, nor would it be different from the other bourgeois parties. What is sure is that he will not be able to form a third force gathering those persons who are dissatisfied with either the existing leftist parties or the bourgeois one.

Kushum Devkota, Gorkha