LETTERS: Trekking route to Rara

I got quite perturbed after reading a news story revealing the mismanagement of the trekking route to the country’s largest Lake Rara (“Tourists complain of mismanagement in Rara”, THT, November 14, Page 6).

Needless to say, Mugu district where terrific eye-catching scenic beauty of the Rara Lake is located needs more attention to draw more tourists by developing better trekking routes to that destination.

But lack of adequate promotional events and unavailability of guideline maps have created hurdles among the domestic and foreign tourists who want to visit there in large numbers.

Moreover, inadequate accommodation facility, poor road connectivity, low personal security and many more have aggravated the situation.It is high time that the concerned authorities and stakeholders addressed these grievances.

The government should unveil a concrete plan to promote tourism activities in the Himalayan district.

One of the prerequisites is to develop trekking routes where there are adequate numbers of hotels, lodges and restaurants and the visitors are assured of security as well as the provision of rescue in case of emergency.

The private sector should make investment to promote trekking in Rara Lake area and adjoining places famous for sight-seeing and expedition.

Sanjog Karki, Tansen

Exit polls

One of the greatest lessons that the global community learnt from the recent US presidential election is not the surprise election of the Republican Party nominee, non-political and real estate business tycoon Donald Trump, as the 45th President of the USA but the complete failure of all major opinion and exit polls in giving a true reflection of the American voters in this election.

Global community may be shocked by the fact that so many highly reputed and internationally renowned news agencies failed in providing a true mindset of the US voters.

While experts around the world have been providing more or less erudite, academic explanations for this failure of the opinion and exit polls, the actual reason behind this opinion and exit poll debacle is very simple.

The harsh truth is that the majority of the American voters fortunately or unfortunately held their real intentions or blatantly lied to the opinion and exit poll members regarding their real choice.

It is politically incorrect to support Trump since because it would be difficult to carry the label of a non-progressive, racist, anti-establishment individual who has no respect for the great values of social justice for which the US has remained a champion of global social rights for centuries.

Hence American voters were either afraid or too shy or embarrassed to share their actual feelings and intentions in front of the media, though they had complete support for the economic insecurities and related issues that have been haunting average Americans for the past few years and for which they have supported Trump for his promises to mend American life and future.

Saikat Kumar Basu, Canada