LETTERS: Wonderful news

Finally, the government has realized the problem of migrant workers who are compelled to spend hard days doing tough manual jobs in foreign lands. It was encouraging news to read that that the government has decided to double the welfare sum to Rs. 7 lakh from Rs. 3 lakh “Welfare sum for migrant workers’ kin doubles” (THT, August 1, Page 1).

This amount will be given to the kin of migrant workers who pass away, suffer serious injuries or become critically ill while working abroad. This new provision will definitely give a huge relief to the immediate family members of the migrant workers who are the sole bread owners and compelled to leave this land of less opportunity due to poor vision and irresponsible acts of the political leaders. Following the amendment to Foreign Employment Regulations, a new clause has also been introduced that allows migrant workers, who become critically ill, to claim the compensation amount of Rs 7 lakh.

The new regulations also apply to the migrant workers who get an extension of work contract more than two years’ initial contract but pass away while working. However, contribution to be made by each migrant worker who is going to Malaysia and the Gulf countries has been increased to 1,500 from Rs. 1,000. Likewise, those who are going to South Korea need to contribute Rs 2,500 from now onwards.

According to the Foreign Employment Promotion Board (FEPB), a sum of Rs 4 billion has been collected so far in this welfare fund. Another encouraging news item to read was that the government will also play a proactive role in getting migrant workers imprisoned in destination countries released by appointing appropriate lawyers to fight their cases. There are thousands of migrant workers imprisoned in foreign jails for different known and unknown reasons. According to this new provision, they will be able to get necessary judicial services for their release. Time will tell whether the government starts swiftly fulfilling its responsibilities and promises so that our migrant workers, who are

tremendously contributing to boost the accumulation of foreign currency through the remittance, will feel secure.

Rai Biren Bangdel, Maharajgunj


It was really a fabulous performance from England which went on to defeat South Africa by a huge margin of 239 runs in the third match of the 4-test series where England looked particularly strong. After England set the target of 492, the one which would have been a world record if South Africa had chased it down, got bowled out for a low score of 252 which means the latter neither looked challenging nor committed enough in the fourth innings.

Moeen Ali was the hero of the last innings as he went on to take his first hat-trick of test cricket as a bowler.

Anyway it was Ben Stokes who got the center of attraction by winning the ‘man of the match ‘award for his superb century in the game where England looked dominant against South Africa right from the beginning.

Pratik Shrestha, Buddhanagar