Life is a fine balance

Each of us is blessed with wholeness —to hold the divine essence in our being. This corresponds to a mirror with just one reflection —of our soul in the context of our vision. It quantifies the infinite expanse of our eyes — the sum of the parts, or part of the whole. Our eyes are a rainbow synthesis — they have colour and lustre. They are our ‘open windows’, too, representing

our symmetrical universe in a nutshell.

Our eyes are as indispensible as our mind and body; they epitomise inner peace and balance. Yet, the fact is — balance in our age comes at a premium. It envelops and gets into the depths of our psyche only when we provide quality ‘me-time,’ while integrating the spiritual aspects of our soul and creating a distinctive balance from within, not just from external materialistic embellishments.

Balance isn’t always a question of work-life equilibrium in troubled times. It is related to a set of scales in our mind that add up to who we are, or what we want to be.

There are, of course, far too many scales in life — like blades of grass on the lawn. They are as complex and also unified like the neural networks in our brain. Such a ‘balancing act’ is not self-limiting. It is self-expanding, with every new life experience, changes at home, or workplace, or financial trepidations.

The point also is that life is full of ups and downs — pleasant, fruitful, challenging and difficult. It is like a stream, too, peppered with a fine balance, and shadowed by periodic episodes of bumpiness — like water that flows through the rocky crags.

The reason is simple. Life would have been terribly dull without imbalance — because, minus the jaggedness, there would be no movement, or progress. Picture this: in real time, the clock just can’t stand still. This applies well to life.

Such imbalances are, to use a metaphor, akin to the tilt of the Earth’s axis that occurs twice a year — while slanting neither away nor towards the sun.

Life is, likewise, full of dizzy paradoxes from which it returns to stability — provided we take charge and ease our anxieties. It is, indeed, a blessing that life provides each of us with a natural, conscious ability to bring things into balance, although not all of us are innately resilient, or gifted. Yet, what makes us all tick is a distinct balancing element that resides within us. It ‘ups’ our ante, notwithstanding the chaos, or turmoil, around us.