Living all religions

Belonging to the modern learned society means struggling everyday to be politically correct, having the liberty to be racist or sexist only when you crack jokes and asking people’s last name not more than twice. This made me believe that religion was not as important as it seems to be. I didn’t know I was allowed to make friends from all the castes but when I fall in love, I better find a guy from my own caste. I didn’t understand why people used to tease me calling ‘ranisab’ until I knew that I got to handle this unwanted royalty for the rest of my life.

Countries have been bombed and separated; people are still stereotyped as per their religion, and I was stupid enough to think that terrorism out of religion was the matter of past. Unlike my gender I was reminded of my religion only while filling some forms. I never believed or took myself as ‘untouchable’ during my periods. My mom finally allowed me to enter the kitchen because I used to go inside and pollute the food anyway.

With so many problems like poverty, epidemic diseases, and terrorism, it’s hard to wrap my small brain that religion surpasses all of it. What in people make them dive in to take and give their life for the sake of the integrity of their religion? Every religion has its own ideals and life would be easy if people choose what they are comfortable with from each one of them.

Modern society may not throw it on your face, but their sophistication won’t let them stop wrinkling their nose as soon as they find out that you are going out with someone out of your caste.

Or they might tap your back if your significant other is from the same caste. Either way it feels like screaming your voice out that it doesn’t matter and vomiting on their divided opinions. Not only the oldies but also your friends get worried about the hardships that one can’t escape.

Now that so many successful inter-caste marriages are held in our society, it’s easier to think that hierarchy in caste system doesn’t exist.

Similar to say that now that we have got a lady President, sexism is out of Nepal, which is not the case. The importance people place on religion is so pervasive and accepted that it leaves us with the paradox of it being nowhere and everywhere simultaneously.

Yet again my professor today diverged from the main issue to the over-discussed topic of ‘conversion of the religion.’ As he was lecturing the class how INGO’s have been doing it openly, my mind wandered to think about all the religions I have followed and lived till date.