Lopsided priority

The revelation that the officials concerned admit the lack of authentic records of the money received from the government and foreign aid to combat HIV/AIDS is more than bewildering. How do the anti-HIV/AIDS agencies function in the country without a proper system of accounting? The ad hoc style of working against an incurable disease cannot be accepted, as the behind-the-scenes corrupt practices must be rampant. But, that seems to be the manner how the agencies related to HIV/AIDS control are working without any mechanism to monitor the accounts. If this is how the scourge of HIV/AIDS is being tackled, there can be no doubt that the whole exercise is turning into a fiasco.

Reports have it that only about 13 percent of the undisclosed amount is spent on the treatment of the HIV/AIDS patients while in the name of publicity for the prevention of the disease over 70 percent goes into organizing seminars, workshops and the like. The funds are made available generously but the manner in which it is spent is largely under question. The proverbial accountability factor is missing and the government also seems indifferent. Let the records be made straight and the amount earmarked for the treatment and rehabilitation of HIV/AIDS patients be uitlised accordingly. Magnificent speeches on World AIDS Day will be of no help as long as the target population does not benefit.