Love, faith and hope

“Giving  our best each day with whatever we have and however we can is all based on the decisions we make.” This was said to me by one of my friends when I was confused on how things should be done. I had thirty different things to finish in a day and the time seemed short.

Since then I have this habit of rewinding the twenty four hours spent and analyzing if things could have been done in a better way. Exercising this activity just before bed clears most of our queries. The days which does not go as planned make us feel unproductive but we need to get back with positivism. We know that we have put our best effort, and the next day would definitely be in our favor. As we have always believed without reasoning each happening is for good and there is a right time for all.

There are incidents when we look for answers irrespective. We should never forget to treat and pamper ourselves with the things that we love doing after hard work and the results attained. Loving oneself can be the best medicine and should be prioritized.

We cannot deny the fact that human beings have a selfless nature somewhere in them. At times it’s hidden and some express it.  We can be involved in charity work, social events, donations, but there are a few who are totally selfless while carrying on such acts. It is a step towards helping others as we do our bit on weekends.

It need not be something on a huge scale, but we can definitely volunteer at the old age home, orphanage and spend time with differently challenged kids. We could also give out clothes which have been in our wardrobe for half a decade which we have not disposed of. We could keep the old books in cartons and give them to the ones who cannot buy them. No one becomes poor by giving. Once we start with such drives, the best part is the feeling that we get which cannot be explained. It involves a satisfied mind, heart and the magical blessing that we get from strangers. The look in their eyes speaks more than a thousand words. Nothing could be a better sacrifice than saving the life of another person. The thought in itself sounds scary and the step towards organ donation is a big one. Since life is unpredictable there are hundreds of people who have donated organs. Once registered, hospitals should be informed by our near ones so that they can use our organs later. I guess more than donating organs, the thought of donating is humane.