Luck and actions

For success in your life, what do you believe in – luck or actions? In fact, it is commonly believed that whatever the good or bad situation that one confronts in the course of journey of life, it is all due to the consequence of your luck and actions. Some people are lucky enough by birth.

Their life seems to be already flourished with a little additional efforts to what they are inherited by their ancestors and their relatives who have already achieved higher ranks whereas some other people have to persevere day-and-night to obtain their basics. It isn’t that difficult for the crown prince to become the king after his father’s demise and a child of a minister or a high ranked official can easily enjoy the access to many more facilities than the kids of a hard-working farmer in a village. There are some people who believe in luck and windfall as a key to their success. They think success is a god-gift and expect more results in a little efforts. They believe that if there is no luck, there is no success, regardless of whatever the efforts one makes.

Similarly, there are some people who believe in actions for success. The actions can also be divided into two categories: positive and negative action. Positive actions include hard-work, constructive, productive and creative works, whereas negative actions comprise cheating, conspiring, plotting, and corrupting.

Those who believe in positive actions also believe in ‘as you sow, so you reap’ and keep persevering honestly to achieve success. Hard-works are their priority over other things happening around and they believe that if they work hard, even luck has to come on their way.

They are proud and satisfied with what they achieve out of their blood, toil and sweat. Their honest contributions, simple life-styles and genuine thoughts are really impressive and consequential, constructive and productive. They are not only certain to get success and pleasure, but are also able to win the people’s heart. There are still some people who believe in mischievous actions and are always preoccupied with cheating, manipulating, corrupting, plotting and conspiring only to fulfill their personal motives.

Always having demonic and antagonistic characters and negative attitude, they engage in back-biting, splitting people’s relation, denouncing, and harming others and spoiling the environment.   They are the spoilt potato among all in a sack damaging the rest.