Management mantras

Indeed, the role of management works everywhere, no matter what the areas may be. We have heard about time management skills, right? With this skill, we can boost productivity in terms of goal setting, prioritization, self-awareness, self-motivation, focus, decision making, planning, stress management, record keeping, patience and many others.

It is not surprising to say that everyone has his or her own talents. Someone may be good at human resource management, someone may be very good at marketing, someone may be good at information technology, and someone may be very good at finance. The only interesting fact is that we do not have belief in ourselves.

However, in today’s competitive world management experts as well as quantitative techniques are required when it comes to finding the root problems of  organizations. By doing so, they will gain the maximum amount of profits.

Unfortunately, in the business world everything is merely counted with monetary value instead of our emotions. This is the reason why in the business world emotion does not work at all.

Besides that, no business can work without intuitiveness. I mean to say that ‘natural’ (self-made) learning-by-doing approach, rather than the pseudo mentality in the organization. So, intuition is my first management mantra.

The second management mantra is innovation. Innovation is needed to maintain and grow our businesses. Today, the world is changing very vibrantly, and if we are not innovative we will find ourselves in the back seat. Hence, it is important to be creative and develop our innovative ideas.

The third management mantra is to create a sense of belonging among co-workers in the organization. Needless to say, each organization has to take a decision by teamwork and commitment towards the organization. Otherwise, it’s hard to survive in this competitive world. Therefore, top level managers should all always carefully think this mantra too.

The fourth one mantra is to ‘believe in yourself.’ What is success? For me, success is an unshakable confidence. If you are a business tycoon and you are living alone feeling bored, irritable, stressed, and unhappy then your success factor is undoubtedly zero. So, you should believe in yourself.

Even if you lose everything, if you have confidence you can recreate everything again, and that is a true sign of success.