MIDWAY : A friend’s worth

Bikas Sapkota

A friend of mine had once remarked, “You are worth more than two times yourself in gold.” In a flash, I perceived: was that a mere compliment for fixing his work or was that a penny of a thought to carry me to an overwhelming stairway? I managed a shy smile. No matter what I was inclined to, it definitely evoked an avalanche of feelings. However, I lately realised that was what, a friend of mine would do, at times. With the likes of him, life runs to the fullest; he was the one with whom I was learning to live. I know, no matter where I’d step, there would be someone to whom I would lean upon. No matter who he was, where he lived, or what he did for that matter, memories always bring him to me. And they are very much here to stay. Those times that I have spent with him always linger fresh in my mind.

A resting arm at times, an opposition sometimes and a bearer of my anguish is how I describe him. From music to studies, from playing to freaking out late night, it has always been a pleasure to go down the lines with him. But there are numerous twists and turns in the lives of both of us. The greatest thing is to believe in oneself, to believe in one’s life. While I was cherishing the company, then came the time to depart. It’s true that you never know the value of anything until after it heads for the window. And I know what his worth was now. So far away now that he is, I can still feel his presence so close. As time did us apart, I never was able to deny what was in store for me and that is true for everyone walking under this sun. Again, it is time, which separates us from our dear ones just as it brings us together again. It’s time that rekindles the feelings buried inside all of us. It is also time that makes us forget what is to be forgotten, for better or worse.

The best part is the meeting part, when it occurs; it’s the time to relish. Good riddance those awry days! The talks of yesteryears, the good old days, the experience of new things and the talks that fail to cease. It is heavenly feeling when the hidden moments are kicked alive, some told, some untold, some remembered, some forgotten — all memories relived. But these are the thoughts every mind will carry. The memories that are miles apart come so near, so rejuvenating. Again, the rain and the shine alter and it is time that stands in between us. It is again time that bids us an adieu. And something crosses my mind. It’s the joy of walking down, under the same sky. It’s the joy of remaining alive.