Life is a blessing. Yet very few of us realise this. Life opens door to the millions of opportunities. Many people help us capitalise on those opportunities and attain our goals. But have we ever looked back at our lives to remember and thank the countless people who have helped us be who we are today? No. Instead, we are inured to taking these small contributions for granted. As if it we have come this far on our own.

When I look back at my life, I realise I have myself taken for granted the help of so many people. Born in a remote village in eastern Nepal where there were few educational opportunities, my future looked bleak. But somehow I managed to get by with the unswerving support of my brothers and obtained a college degree. I should have been very grateful for what they did for me. But I was not. They helped me be what I am today, but I kept overlooking the little contributions they made to make my life better. Amid all those hardships, I forgot that I would have had to go through even tougher ordeals but for the help of my brothers.

Hence, my advice to one and all: be happy and grateful for what you have today. More doors will then open up. And as you do, you will discover, to your amusement, that there will always be people who will happily extend their help. But, if you keep treating those helping you with complete indifference, then you might even lose the support of the few you can now depend on. If you are grateful you will never be left in the lurch because you cherish the value of people around you. This way, you will learn to live and enjoy every moment of your life. It’s very important to keep in mind that once a moment passes, it will never come again.

If you look back at your life so far, no matter what hardships you have had to battle, you’ll see that, contrary to your hunch, you have achieved quite a lot. Just that you never took the time to think about what you had.

Your greed propelled you from one station in life to the next without giving you the time to stop and mull about what you have achieved thus far. Counting your blessings will help you gain a new and optimistic perspective in life that will, in turn, help you lead a happy and

fulfilling life.