MIDWAY: Delicate balance

The charm, grace or excellence in a person’s features is what we call “beauty”. It is what everyone desires. Many confuse ‘beauty’ with one’s physical, structural and external appearance. But beauty is not consistent, it’s restless. If you are beautiful today then it’s not certain that you will remain so for forever.

Beauty to me is elegance of manners and the way one perceives the world. One’s attitude along with one’s personality beautifies a person. One should never be worried about not being physically attractive because beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. It lies in your perception of a person.

In this competitive world, people fall for expertise and brilliance. Everybody likes a talented person with problem-solving capacity. It’s OK if you are just beautiful. But if your beauty is combined with brains then it will be like sun ma sugandha. And if you aren’t beautiful then don’t waste time on fretting over it. Brain is a man’s weapon as it generates confidence in a person. A person is not employed on the basis of a person’s attractiveness but on his or her talent.

Judges don’t declare Miss Nepal, Miss World or Miss Universe solely because of a girl’s appearance. Her mind, brain, manners, character are also taken into account. So the selected person is a perfect example of beauty and brains with a good heart, a broad mind, and a positive outlook.

Character is a person’s crowning glory. Someone has rightly said that if money is lost nothing is lost, if health is lost something is lost but if character is lost then everything is lost. Character actually means virtuous habits and good qualities. Men and women of character and sharp brains give shape to an ideal society. They build a nation and inspire others to follow in their footsteps. Manners distinguish men from each other. People who possess good manners are held

in high esteem by fellow beings while the ill-mannered ones are sidetracked. Good manners bring dignity, and dignity, in turn, breeds respect. These make one a role model. Beauty is much more than just physical appearance. Therefore, try to be beautiful from within, strike the delicate balance of beauty with brains and discover the world at your feet.