MIDWAY: Forever young

I have always reflected upon the past. My college days in Darjeeling were perhaps the most exhilarating ones where every moment accentuated perpetual bliss. It has been three years now and the then fun seems like luxury today. Now I reside in Kathmandu, a bustling city and home of thousands of ambitious but agonised souls and everyday I feel busy, drained and old. The transition from boyhood to manhood has certainly been daunting as well as difficult. But it had to be acknowledged as a truth that cannot be disregarded. Then there are photographs. Strange ones I must say. For it provides an odd impression as I watch myself 15 kilos ago. A bulging belly, skin which looks like it hasn’t seen a moisturiser since ages and cheeks falling out of proportion. There is certainly no armour against the phenomenon of ageing. But I’m a Mr Brightside in most ways. The fact still stay that I’m a bachelor. The only fear is that it could be forever!

There are fewer friends, most of them working. Some impatient ones are married. While I may have tried being and feeling younger, I’ve heard that trance is what they dance to nowadays. The bootleg cut jeans was back and gone. Well the only constant thing in life certainly is change. These days I mostly get updated political news and alarmingly, I find them interesting! And years ago I despised political science. The fact that all reckoning grows fainter until they become obscure could be the reason why I haven’t received any compliments in a long jaded time. There needs to be a multifarious greatness contained within to deal with personal verdicts and decrees. There is nothing charming in the word “Uncle”. But then kids can’t be analytical. It is only ordinary to derive a scrutiny so devoid of any rational judgment that makes our personal labour to maintain the contours of our body much more indispensable. It is like a poet’s dream. To understand mortal bliss and to reckon that life is at all times an eternal puzzle. A contort truth that a grown man is supposed to bear a demure exterior. Just like nature’s will with flowers that bloom for once and wilt. But I like to believe that I will breathe in a juvenile forest and remain to be that fragrant tree that never ever haunts the wilderness.