MIDWAY : Life’s blessings

Rain, sweet rain! Yes, four days of extreme heat made it a welcome sight even if I was bound to the chair. A few drops streaked down the rafters and one touched down on my bare skin, bringing recollections of dancing to the music of nature’s symphony with my friends flooding back.

I used to sing out loud no matter how awful I sounded. But life had been an utter nightmare since then. Or so I made myself believe. Until today - when the heavens opened up and it felt as if all the celestial bodies were lining up to bring me eternal happiness and joy.

Fate had me bound to the chair and my self-esteem soon began to wane. I had to relearn virtually everything — walking, talking and all the day to day stuff. It seemed like an uphill climb indeed. Surely none had the reason to feel more wretched than I, so drenched in self-pity.

But as the rain hammered down, the music system drew my attention. “Keep on laughing... one thing’s true...there’s always a brand new day”. I had heard the song umpteen times

before but today it held a completely new meaning. Optimism was oozing all around.

It is human nature to see our condition as the worst that could befall on mankind, forgetting someone somewhere may be in more pitiable state. Self-pity must be in our genes.

I too felt nothing but boundless pity for myself as my health worsened and I failed to find the right answer. I stopped being grateful for what I had and yearned for the unattainable...

Whether at broken music system or petrol shortage, cursing and swearing is second nature to human beings. There isn’t a person on the planet we do not cast slurs on.

Yet we claim to be genial and optimistic. Life can be looked at in two ways. One always sees the glass half empty, the other, half full. The latter waits for good tidings whereas the former weeps over it.

One cannot live without optimism. Yet life’s true teacher is never a book or advice. It comes with taking control of one’s own life, thus making the whole world come to your help. For me life seen through the right eye is altogether mesmerising, every moment of it worth living. This Dashain, so be with you.