MIDWAY : Music mania

Music has been a fascination since the dawn of time and at present the passion for it has increased a lot. In every chapter of our lives, we have the headphones on our ears booming our favourite genres. It has become an inseparable part of our to-do list. Actually it is the best possible approach to get rid of the monotonous schedule. Every individual adores the beauty of melody. The soothing effect that we get from devoting our time to music is simply exceptional. Music has become the most pleasant channel of recreation.

One of my friends is as crazy as one can be about music. I’ve seen him listening to his iPOD nano even while preparing for his social studies finals. He carries it everywhere and because of this we call him a “music maniac”. I too am wholeheartedly interested in music. I spend as much time as possible listening to my selection of songs and it depends upon my frame of mind which kind of songs I listen to. I have my MP3 player as my best companion. It accompanies me in any state of affairs whether it is loneliness, a long journey or anything else. Listening to music is best method of passing time and it has been a “survival kit” in the recent dreary “curfew” days.

The undiluted power that music possesses can influence one’s thoughts in no time. Marylyn Manson’s songs have led people to commit suicide whereas the consoling tunes played in music shops of Mahabouddha give us a very peaceful sensation. Artists portray their minds through music and we listen to them to our delight. Music used to bring one’s life back from demise, restore sound health and even cure one’s depression at times. It’s even used in pens to make hens lay more eggs or cows give more milk and even during meditation as a catalyst for improving concentration. We have also heard news of farmers using music as an abstract fertiliser to boost their crop production, and in Australia musical therapy is used for massaging human bodies. In short, music is liked and used almost everywhere.

Because of the versatile utility of music, it has gained popularity throughout the world. As we think, so shall we be. So, the recommendation that you allocate at least a few moments of your time to music to make your life more blissful is not misplaced.