MIDWAY : Putting up a front

Keeping up a pretext’ for one reason or the other is to pretend that something is as it should be when it is not. This is put up for as long as one does not run out of excuses or till one confesses to the pretence. Thus the game is played over and over again until one calls it quits.

This then is a no-win situation in which a person seeks to protect himself.

But this does not justify such a rationale even if it is warranted. However grave the threat to one’s existence or interest, the tendency to pretend is sheer folly. And only a misbegotten dim-wit would consider adopting it as a way out.

Behaving in a sane and rational manner is the right thing to do no matter how mitigating the circumstance(s) in which one finds oneself. One might argue that a pretext carried out is a way of reckoning and a face-saving gesture. But giving into this mode of behaviour can lull the senses into a miasmic fog because the truth is a bitter pill to swallow and a painful fact to register.

Coming to terms with reality no matter how half-baked or unseemly affords a clearer picture.

Putting up with a sense of disquiet engendered could be worthwhile before

thinking over the best course to follow. And, that is, to face the travails of the moment. This, if followed to a logical conclusion, will sort things out.

A lot of energy is dissipated in putting up a front.

This can be used in being with it so that there is no fallout from any ill-will brought about as a consequence. Thus the mind is put on hold until sanity takes over. Allowing for a certain measure of freedom not thought of before.

One should not give in and make a half-hearted attempt at rationalisation in the belief that it will work out. This can go wrong in more ways than one and not be worth one’s while. Pulling ii off can prove to be a burden that becomes heavier with each passing moment.

To wit, only those foolhardy enough will try to carry out an effort at what is a pretext. This will prevent him from following a line of action designed to clear up the mess. And make it difficult to put everything into right perspective. Turing the whole matter into an emotional dead-end without any let-up.