MIDWAY : Righting a wrong

Righting a wrong is to take the wrong into account and consider doing something about it. Even though the wrongdoing may be of little or no consequence, it’s important to

put it into perspective. So that it does not hurt anyone’s sensitivity.

This is because the wrong done could prove harmful and have a cumulative effect in the long run. Any measure to bring the offender to book must be carried out so that no one escapes retribution. Without rebuttal, victims of wrongdoing will continue to suffer silently in misery.

A wrong can only be addressed if the person who is responsible for it is remorseful and penitent. The wrong could take the form of harsh criticism levelled on the spur of the moment, false and spiteful accusations and innuendos. All of these could take place in different intensities but the end result is the same.

Once a wrong is done, it could turn into a grievance so that there is no reconciliation. Without a compensation that could make up for words spoken in haste nothing will come of it. This practice has to be fostered to make amends and placate the aggrieved party. Thus a lot remains to be desired if this is not forthcoming in the first place.

To address a wrong means taking a punitive action designed to right it.

Not the least is taking measures to counteract the negative consequence(s) that has come about. But no one in his right mind would embark upon vengeance or take the law into his own hands, even though being at the receiving end justifies action against the wrongdoer.

When there is ill will it could lead to doing wrong. However, something is gained by taking control of the situation at hand and bringing it under control. Thwarting the scheme even before it materialises would undoubtedly do more good than harm. Though no one can foresee how a particular person will act in given circumstances, trying to address a wrong is the only way to reach out to one who has been made the butt of an ill-conceived action directed to cause anguish and mental torture. Thus this has to be seen for what it is — a pent up drive to bring about stress and turmoil.

So the wrongdoing must be prevented from occurring in the first place.