MIDWAY : Secret liaisons

Love indeed has its own way of revelling in ecstasy and falling into utter despair! In this unaccountable world of the mysterious and the sublime is the unending search for the almost impossible — perfect love. And for human beings with their unique gift and ability to communicate love both verbally and symbolically, the extremes of love are to be found in all colours and shades.

Yet falling in love or expressing one’s love is perhaps one of the most complicated issues in these modern times of high expectations. Following fast on the heels of the Western world, the obvious display of love which used to make the average Nepali blush is not true anymore. We have graduated in the ways of love and acculturated it in a manner that raises no eyebrows anymore. But there is more than meets the eye like the one that recently left a few of us pretty amused and confused. It is the Garden of Dreams that provides a perfect place for dream chasers — the ideal spot for materialisation of dreams!

It was “mehndi”, a ritual, prior to the wedding of my niece that took us there while we awaited the arrival of the bride and others with excitement. It was an unexpected surprise to see nooks and corners of this wondrous garden, spotted with young couples physically lost in their own dreams! One could not help but feel that this sprawling garden with its ambience of stillness, meandering pathways, restful benches for admirers of nature was perhaps getting accustomed to changing times of a fast moving culture and ruthless urbanization.

The place has an internet café which offers room for more mischief. We sympathized with these makers of dreams. Amongst them would also perhaps be breakers! We also mused about our own young days in an almost Victorian culture and felt convinced that these were better days of freedom, but soon took back our own words. In walked student couples arm-in-arm in school uniforms and headed towards the secret corners, possibly to consummate their desires. All said and done, it left us wondering till the bride and guests waltzed in dancing and singing like a breath of fresh air, to divert our attention to the celebrations which left us oblivious to the secret laisons.