MIDWAY : Striving to be a rahis

Deuja Roshan

The Hindi adage — kis rahis se pala pada hai, holds much truth in my case. Particularly the word rahis reminds me of ups and downs as my life has been motivated by a burning passion to be “rich and famous” amidst tragedy. Born to a lower middle class family, I lost my father when I was just about twelve. Yes, I was heart-broken. But on looking back, I would have done injustice if I now label him a good man. He did not make any use of his life. However, for all his ills, his early demise nonetheless left a deep mental scar on me. But life then took its own turn, for better or worse.

Lucky as I now feel, one uncle took the responsibility of looking after me. I learnt that time was the greatest healer. I constantly tried to work towards character-building. I successfully completed my SLC and then my intermediate studies. But no sooner had I cleared the latter exam, the said uncle of mine changed his mind, now that I was already a burden. If I were to try and define him in one sentence I would simply say he is a rahis. After much confrontation, he told me simply to leave his house. Dejected, I decided to move out relegating myself to the cosy confines of time, once again. I knew I had to do it by myself because there were none by my side, not even did my mother come to my rescue.

No sooner after all that happened, I met my life — a girl, dazzling and elegant. We did date and decided to be one. She is not only the most affectionate person in my life, but also a friend in need. Her unwavering love for me, concern about my well-being, and affection are but only the few of the many facets of her praiseworthy character. What really emerged in our relationship was a keenness to know each other — to learn and to understand our needs and feelings. Today our relationship has matured. We have an almost complete trust and understanding. Only for her, I am ever energetic and optimistic. Today I feel I am a big rahis. I want to live with her happily forever. For me, love is a feeling that reassures you in every step of life.

Today many problems have been ironed out. I am doing quite well in everything that I set out to do. Soon life will have fixed routine — work, home, children, finding time for Nikki and so on. But I will be a contended man. Not everyone is a rahis. There are many people striving towards richness. And I am one of them. For that I always stand apart form the rest.

Life will always be a struggle to be a rahis.