MIDWAY : Tempo crushes

Sansar Dewan

I get a crush anywhere and anytime, while walking on the road to the bus and beyond, inside a tuk-tuk to other tempos, even if it is just for a few minutes while on my way to destinations galore. You don’t have to feel pity on me...and eventually on yourself. I know, you already got piqued. But I also know you all get crushes just as me. I assure you that it is perfectly normal to have such feelings. Come on, don’t you deny and stop worrying about it hereafter. The tempo fare does have its complement if it is really your day. It is not staring nor ogling at the opposite sex; it’s just stealing some subtle lines and shades from across the horizon! Sometimes it’s only the feel comfortable factor. Forgotten are the uncomfortable seats in uncomfortable tempos and micros, and abated are stinking body odours! Hoards of Ambars and Pramods have shared their tempo crushes. And today is my turn to do so. A tempo was to wheeze its way to Lagankhel. After initial inquiries, I got in. Four of them (guess who?) were facing me. After all these, it would be a hackneyed approach to say that I had a crush — on all of them.

A click of the keys and a few jabs at the pedal meant that the tempo had started. It winded its way through Ratnapark, Purano Buspark, Singha Darbar, Thapathali, Kupandol, Manbhavan…. Oh! No. Jawalakhel came so soon and was out of our sights in a moment. That was where I told myself that I should have got down. But I was not to be worried. Now I thought that their destination will have to be mine too, at least for today. The tempo arrived at Lagankhel and we all got down, hands on purses and pockets to pay our fares. I didn’t have the exact change and had to wait until the driver counted and recounted the change he was to handover to me. As I waited, I saw them assimilating in the crowd and gradually merge with the sea of people on the mall. They were gone, gone with the wind; sorry, gone with the crush. I didn’t mind travelling back to Jawalakhel. It was nothing more than an incident, trifle luck that brought me a smile!

No dates, no chitchats, no gifts, no capricious love affair and caresses, no misunderstandings, no quarrels, no tears, no heavy hearts. But yes, you are left with the feel good factor. It is something like the refreshment that people derive out of coffee sips and cigarette puffs but minus any health hazards! Wish you similar short and sweet crushes. Enjoy it without getting goose bumps and butterflies in your stomachs. Only crush and more of such crushes!