MIDWAY: The power of ‘why’

As a science teacher, I love being questioned ‘why’. But the ‘whys’ one of my students asked me one particular day were very special because the ‘whys’ were not stopping at all. He was simply adding a ‘why’ to each and every answer I thought I gave correctly.

The student started with, “Sir, why does the sky appear to be blue though there are six other colours in the sunlight?”

“Fine”, a good question, I said. “Among the seven coloured rays, blue scatters the most, hence the result.” He repeated, “why?” “It’s because the blue rays have the least velocity”, I replied. “Why sir?” he asked again. “Tough guy”, I thought. Taken aback by his abnormal curiosity, I said, “Because the rays have their own properties, including the velocity, wavelength, frequency etc.” I thought this answer was going to work, but no. He further asked, “Why does the sun produce rays with so many colours? Wouldn’t it be better if it produced ‘uniform’ rays?”

I was going to say something else but I spontaneously said, “It’s because God...” and I stopped suddenly. I was in real trouble. I could see the shocked faces of my students. They hadn’t expected the word ‘God’ from me as an excuse. I, too, was quite stunned at myself. “What sort of forces had till then suppressed the God inside me?” I wondered. On reaching home, I was in deep thought. “Why did I take the name of God so fast?” I asked myself. After taking some time I concluded, “It was because he asked me a ‘why’ right when my store of knowledge was exhausted.”

Considering myself as a very small scientist, it became obvious that great scientists had chances of chocking Gods inside them. The only thing we need to extract ‘God’ out of them is a series of ‘whys.’ What is more interesting is that most scientists are familiar with the power of ‘why’. So, to the ultimate ‘why’, they cleverly say, “I don’t know” instead of saying “God.” They are unaware that every time they say, “I don’t know”, they are actually saying, “there is someone else who knows.” They are saying, “there is an Almighty who has the answer to the ultimate ‘why”’. Thus they are saying, “There is God”! So next time you meet an atheist, let him not believe in God, but definitely ask him a big ‘why’?