MIDWAY:Big game syndrome

It seems being a student is great fun considering the free wheeling time that one gets around in the course of becoming educated. Well, one can’t say all who go to college become educated in the sense that it has been talked about in the plans and programmes that come under the purview of the concerned ministry. One also doesn’t know whether those who man the educational institutions are themselves educated. The education part gets almost everyone confused to the zenith of one’s treasure trove of the head.

Yet, parents feel it having done their duty for getting their children enrolled somewhere or the other where they feel that the prime focus is on education. There’s a motive behind all the flurry of activity in pinpointing the right college for your children to go. The price factor too has a role to play. The study part is fine as things go. A new environment and new classmates does definitely pep up the spirits of the students in question. The biggest thing is that campuses and colleges impart greater enlightenment than what greets the welcome party. It’s politics, of course. The stepping stone is ready for the aspirants who have the inclination to climb the ladders of political success. There comes the topic of the colour that you choose to go with your mindset. Every direction is visible with its presence. It can be to the right or left and what not.

The only thing is for the elections to turn up to further open up your political horizon. The FSU elections get the stage ready for the journey to begin. The recent students’ fray saw the importance attached to the youths and the grooming for the future role that they will have to undertake and also fulfil.

As youths are filled with bubbling with energy, there are bound to be scuffles and fistfights. It is all a part of growing up, and it is difficult to be tolerant and keep the tempers in rein. That’s the energy that is so needed to get the nation rollicking on the path that the leaders call “all round development”. The leaders know well that getting the youths into action can salvage their stakes in national politics.

And, there it is: the college goers going head over heels for the game dubbed dirty. However, it’s not dirty as long as you emerge as the frontrunner.