Miscultured festival

“Have a safe and Happy Holi”. Ww were surprised to get a leaflet with this message from a group of teenaged students on Saturday. Surprise because before a few minutes ago we were attacked with a Lola, full of water by someone unknown of similar age. Holi is supposed to be “festival of Colours” which represent different modes and moments of human life. If played with friends and relatives safely, happily and healthily, the celebration symbolizes our seven colours of life. Probably many sane citizens of this country have felt that this holy festival is becoming a dirty one. During this time, it is the young girls and women who feel unsafe even by their known people, locals and unruly young boys who do not care about dignity of women.

It has been degraded as a mischievous act to harass the females in the name of culture. Why do people want to throw Lolas to opposite sex? Is such a trend new or customary for years?... — diwapyak.blogspot.com