Misplaced priorities

In Nepal, inclusion of business actors has advantages and disadvantages both. On the one hand, their closeness to the elite enables them to directly influence decision-makers at the top level. On the other, the relationship of business people with their own workers through unions is at the core of some of the uprisings in Nepal and that are also derailing the pro-peace engagement of corporate sector.

In this paper, engagements of business actors in Nepal are analysed from five different angles: political, economic, philanthropic, humanitarian and social engagement. Most of the non-commercial engagement of corporations is either in forms of religious donations or philanthropy. Hence, such investments have not been sector-specific. The corporations give donations mostly according to where they think appropriate. By this, on one hand, priorities are misplaced. On the other, the impacts of such activities are not profound... — safalghimire.blogspot.com