My school days

That day I went to school earlier. I had many things rushing in my mind. The whole day I was hurried. The final bell rang. We used to have departure in the assembly outside. The teacher, whom we used to call ‘Ananta’ and sometimes ‘Lalit sir’, was my problem there, he called out my name. I was nearly fainted that he was going to publicise my name there in front. But I was saved. He told me to conduct the assembly. I carried out it easily.

Then, he said me to be home with him. I parked myself at the carrier of his bicycle. We reached our room, he shut up the door and started to pour out several questions to me. I explained. Then he took out his belt and battered me. That was really unforgiving. Later he convinced me not to do so. The greater side of him I loved is that he never told anyone about what I did. I was very thankful for that. Yeah! Lalit sir was really good person. One needs to accept punishment whenever he commits a mistake.