Overshadow negativities

Let’s take this earthquake as an opportunity to build our nation as a sustainable one. No doubt, the recent earthquake in Nepal brought huge devastation but woke us up from the deep sleep of regret. Let’s starts working to build and rebuild the damaged structures.

If I have to talk about my experience, it has taught me the lessons of my lifetime. It taught me the importance of a strong foundation in order to cope up with the unforeseen events that will come along be it any other natural hazards or any other life hurdle. I need to make sure that the next time I am prepared.

We have been hearing and reading that Kathmandu is at high risk to an earthquake. I am sure everyone did. But it was surreal when it actually happened. As soon as earthquake occurred, most of the people tried to run away from their houses for the safety. Sadly, in this process, many lost their lives. They can’t be brought back but now, people have realized the importance of open space. We can work on to construct open spaces whether in government land or in any other feasible place.

We have witnessed that many families migrated to Kathmandu have left the city. I believe it is so because they want to make sure their family is safe and also because they wanted to build back their villages. It is evident that the people are aware about the aftermath consequences of the earthquake. They definitely will try their best to stay in safe place and maintain hygiene. The only thing the institutions working for post disaster consequences need to focus on is to facilitate them with the environment for fulfilling their needs particularly the affected population.

During such chaotic situation, all the negative things that might happen from the possibility of drainage leakage to spread of epidemic were juggling in my mind. And I am sure everyone had thought about it. So now, I believe it would be better if we start to address such negativity and try to find a solution to each one of them.

Identifying issue is not a priority but acting constructively is the one. Certainly it becomes difficult to look out for positivity in such crucial period but let’s not forget this incidence showed how Nepalese are united upfront.

Many people are making efforts to reach out to those affected ones in an individual level as well. We can undoubtedly overcome this devastation and make our country much better than it was. It just needs a strong willingness.