Power of words

Words are very powerful gifts humans have. Words have power with potential ability of constructive as well as destructive force. Words have potentiality of positive power to help, heal, hearten or to make happy and the negative power to hinder, hurt, harm or to humiliate. Considering the powerful nature of words we must be very conscious to choose words before we speak.

The words we speak show our gentleness, respect and humility. Perfection in our speech shows our maturity. Disciplined persons speak kindly and politely. They weigh the words for their value and speak the right words. These kind words signal inspiration, enthusiasm and encouragement. Our personality is reflected in the way we speak.

The words a person uses may help make relationships, inspire and encourage others. A person’s trust is judged to some extent from the way he speaks. Persons who speak politely and kindly have many friends. Not only do our words matter, but also the tone we speak has great impact on others. That’s why we should speak with mindfulness that solidifies peace and compassion.

Some speak rudely and violently and exchange of such words may lead to a break in relationships. The words or tone of the speech are also able to express hatred, humiliation and to hurt. Some people use such dominating language intentionally while others fall in the trap of verbal errors. Some use ‘pun’ that expresses two or more meanings. Some words can create terror and chaos among people in a society.

So we should be guided by some rules while communicating because it may be misled with words we use and in the tone we speak. We should avoid words to manipulate, insult or belittle others. Also we should avoid exaggeration, flowery words and pun - the double standard language. Therefore, we must think a lot before we speak, because before we speak words are under our control but after we speak we are under control of our spoken words. That means we need to be responsible for what we speak.

Though words have potential power to break and make, the real power of words lies on action. The words of Donald Trump, Xi Jinping, Angela Merkel or Vladimir Putin become powerful since they have the ability to enact what they say.