In pursuit of happiness

It was a dark night when I woke up all of a sudden at midnight. After that I could not sleep for quite a long time. It was a tranquil and dark night. The only thing my ears could hear was the ticking sound of a watch hung on the wall and a faint noise of the barking of stray dogs. I was glued to my own imaginative world and outlandish thinking.

Alone and awake at the crack of dawn, I apparently seemed to be lost on my own world. For about a few minutes, I kept on scrolling multifarious sarcastic pictures and mesmeric quotes on my phone. Then I took some moment to respond to nature’s call.

That was the moment when I grabbed an enticing opportunity to stare at the twinkling magical stars and the stupendous views of the peachy sky.

Taking long strides in order to reach just a short haul to my king-sized bed, I unfolded one of the newspapers placed just aside me. And that was the moment when the journey of my real obsession, ie reading, enjoying, perceiving, expressing,  delivering, interpreting, among others, took a steady pace like that of a fast-track.

Apparently, I assumed the newspaper to be my best friend at that moment. Reading some epic quotes and mesmeric statements in the middle of a news story of the newspaper gave me some reason to smile that made me feel like all my pains of yesterday had been washed away. Needless to say, newspapers have always been my best friends.

Actually, I enjoyed that night to the fullest by acting like a nocturnal creature and doing something different. Really, I had some reason to rejoice on that amazing night despite the fact that I didn’t really achieve anything great.

All I did that night was to pass some quality time with myself which made me happy. A glimpse of a smile could be vividly seen on my face when I looked at myself in the mirror each time. I felt  glad and blessed, for I retained my lost smile. That memorable dark night still brings a reminiscent smile on my face whenever I recall those events.

What I finally realized at the end was that happiness can be found in such small things that we barely notice. We don’t need to conquer the whole world to be happy.

Happiness can be found within, not in the outside world. Positive vibes can never be achieved with a negative

mind. Happiness is an outcome of a positive outlook towards one’s life.