Raising kids

I am from the US and am a nanny to a German family so they aren't even Swiss but we all live in Basel because of their job. I have known them a long time and they have been asking me for a year and a half to come here to be their nanny so the mom could go back to work....so I did.

Over the past four months I have re-calibrated a lot of how I am as a nanny to suit these parents. I ignore certain things about their kids based on them saying that it's more the German way of doing things while trying to insert a few of my own ideas about raising kids. So far it has been great. Today, however, when mom came home, her older son literally punched me in the stomach and then pinched me super hard to which I immediately scolded him. After I scolded him about this, she turns to me and said, "Please just ignore this from him."

After I told mom that I wasn't able to ignore this kind of thing, she shook her head and said that it was very American of me to think this way. — englishforum.ch