Reading: A way of entertainment

Entertainment has been an integral part of human life since time immemorial. People across the world engage in various kinds of activities to break monotony of life. Carnivals, fairs and festivals that people across the world celebrate today resemble the modes of entertainment that our ancestors developed and enjoyed. Apart from fairs and festivals, humans also used birds and animals in their entertainment activities. The tradition of bull fight and cockfight in different parts of the world also started as people looked for different means of entertainment. Thus during different periods of human development mankind has developed its own vision of life and methods to entertain oneself and live in a jubilant way.

Today, we are living in an era where we have many choices and options to keep ourselves entertained. With the advancement of technology, we have multiple choices at hand. However, how we entertain ourselves largely depends on the choice and interest of an individual. Watching movies and reading books are some of the widely accepted and chosen mode of entertainment.

For me, movies could never become my favourite pastime. It, however, does not mean I am a naysayer to movies, as I do watch some movies which say inspirational stories. What I enjoy the most is reading. I find going through the pages the best way to keep myself entertained.

I read any book that I can lay my hand upon—it could be a classic or a fiction, and religious epic or a history book. Reading biographies and autobiographies of great leaders, politicians, scholars and other distinguish personalities always feels good as they inspire and motivate us.

Reading a book needs patience, just as a writer works patiently to complete his/ her work. It will not be an exaggeration to say that the practice of reading has multiple advantages. Just as they entertain readers, books also enrich them with knowledge. When we read books, we visualize the context, which constantly keeps us mentally active. This also helps in developing our creativity.

Yet another important aspect of reading is it helps develop our vocabulary. Reading is a must for someone to develop his/her writing skills. A bad reader can never become a good writer.

Books are like those best friends who make great impacts on our lives. Books are cheaper than any other form of entertainment. So read on...