Regulate work permit

This is with reference to the news story “Government plans to enforce work permit rule” (THT, July 17, Page 10). The news states that the government is preparing to strictly implement the work permit system for foreigners working in the country from this fiscal year 2015/2016.

In this context, there must be certain criteria for giving work permit to foreigners. The concerned should check the numbers of foreigners working in Nepal. It can be collected from the Department of Immigration.

This will definitely help check whether the organizations have taken permission from the government to hire the foreigners. If any organization is not following the rules it should be penalized. The concerned authorities must be familiar with the work permit rules and they must know whether work permit to foreigners will be beneficial to the country. The foreigners should not be allowed to work in areas where the Nepalis themselves are capable of doing the same job. They should be given work permit in those areas where the Nepalis need their expertise, skill and technology transfer.

No work permit should be given to those who have arrived in Nepal under tourist visa.

According to the news, a foreigner wishing to work in Nepal can get a work permit for five years. As per the guidelines for work permit management of Non-Nepalese employees 2070 implemented last year, the Department of Labour should check this properly. There are many organizations where foreigners are working in aviation, construction, education, hospitals, hotels, hydropower, Foreign Diplomatic Mission, Travel and Trade, I/NGOS and telecommunications. The number of expats will ultimately increase after earthquake for rebuilding infrastructure. Hence, the government should be very careful about this matter, otherwise the country will not only lose revenue but also jobs in the local market.

Pratik Shrestha, Kathmandu

Crime control

The government’s move to engage youth volunteers is most welcome as police alone cannot fight growing crimes “Govt plans to mobilize youth volunteers to fight crime” (THT, July 15, Page 2). However, the volunteers must be carefully screened to establish their antecedents. The volunteers can assist the police in surveillance and intelligence collection on suspicious and shady characters at public places like Patan Durbar Square “Number of visitors to Patan Museum drops” (THT, July 18, Page 3). During my recent visit there, I was aghast to see groups of vile-looking vagrants loitering around the parking lot at the northern edge of the World Heritage Site adjoining a girl school, water spout, Bhimsen Temple and Casa restaurant. I could not help marveling at the ingenuity of those who turned the open area into a full-fledged motorcycle and car park, which will surely degrade the environment of the World Heritage Site and the girls’ school. If the parking lot is not removed, it will not only affect tourism at the famous heritage site but will also become a fertile breeding ground for thugs.

J. Talchabhadell, Bhaktapur