Right frame for the tender minds

The social milieu where we grew up, the orthodox morals which we regarded and the rules we abided by have got changed now. The notions we harbored as our best have turned out to be parochial and old-fashioned though we dictate our juniors to strictly follow every word we say. We rule, we suppress, we enforce upon them. But we sound weird when we share tete-a-tete with them, understand them, compare our psyche and explore their psychology.

Their horizon of mind has widened, perceptions of worldly objects

are genuine, compliments toward them are different, queries they

have set are witty and the answers

they have prepared are more superb than we may expect. Revolution in communications, computer, television and the modern technology have evolved radical changes, flooded knowledge and sharpened the kids. The atmosphere they are in is more informative. They are sharp, inquisitive, vigilant and critical.

Well, with this cautious psyche, children go to study. The teacher is a role-model and his presentation is a direct channel to imprint these tender tabula rasa. Now, are their expectations met with the stuffs which we have nurtured down since years thinking that they are contextual ones? Can we address their academic, psychic, communicative and aesthetic aspirations? Our long-held ideologies, tautologies, musings, mediocre moral lessons, dictations, notes may merely be worthless harangue otherwise. An unupdated instructor may not be heeded. The pupils of present time simply shun the lengthy, callous and mundane lectures and loathe to be impeded the dictatorship of paying rapt attention motionlessly throughout the period.

Enforcing instead of eliciting

them, imposing instead of asking them to explore, glaring and commanding embargoes rather than

help and show them have been old modus operandi now. Teaching should not be reigning but it should encompass greater showing, guiding, helping, encouraging, letting and enlightening. They expect congenial environment to be involved in and tend to do something interesting vis-à-vis the lesson. A Chinese proverb reads: What I listen I forget. What I see I remember. What I do I learn.

So, the lecture method has lost

its charm. — sparshapr@gmail.com