Set of imaginations

We ensconce ourselves, in the heart of each other just like in the small chairs that we have marked ours indirectly because we never sit on any other chairs in the little cafe! This little cafe where we unlock our hearts and start narrating stories of pain, pleasure, happiness, sadness, anger, anxiety and love. No one would ever know may be the exact moment they fall in love just like the moment night and day meet to be apart daily, for that one moment of time!

But, hearing you has a different charm – your style has a different charisma! I can look at you and fall in love with you for thousands of times! I look at your tiny movements, gestures and smile! Hearing you is like Vipasyana where I can feel the atoms in my body move. Your words, move from my head to toe like this giving me an ecstatic meditative feeling.Sometimes, I think I want to capture you; your every moment and your every glances too! —